What are the features of Simcity Buildit that makes it stand apart?

While there are so many other city building games, Simcity Buildit still occupies the top favorite place in the games list of many people. This can be attributed to the various features of the game. Some of the excellent features of this game are listed below.

Best Simulation software

Earlier, this game was developed using a simulation engine called Glassbox. This simulation engine is not like the previous models. The uniqueness has played a vital role in providing the right structure to the game. For instance, to show a traffic jam sequence, instead of showing a traffic jam animation, the traffic jam is created using these simulation engines. These make sure to provide a realtime feel of the game rather than an environment of the yesteryear’s games.

Excellent graphics and UI

The graphics are what keeps a player glued to the screen. The concept of UI decides how well the player can communicate with the processes behind the game. Well, versed software developers are roped in to design the UI. The best part is that you get to play this game without paying. There are very few games in today’s market that imbibe excellent graphics and other latest UI techniques and provides it at free of cost to the players. However, if you want to win in the game without having to pay, you’ll need to use a simcity buildit hack.

Can be played by anyone

Few games pose a threat by instigating violence and other harmful incidents on screen. This makes the parents reluctant about letting the kids play the game. But this game encourages anyone to play the game irrespective of age and gender. The game in a way imparts the knowledge of administering a city. By playing this game, you can get to know what all is involved in planning and developing a city. This game was one of its kind when it was developed. As people got attracted to the idea of this game, there were constant upgrades ever since.

Available in all versions

The game can be played online; it can be downloaded and ported from one device to another. The game is also specially designed for the iOS and Android. When you use the same version of the game for different platforms, then you cannot enjoy playing the game. The game can be downloaded from play stores.

The efforts taken by the company to provide an impeccable gaming experience is what makes the game stand apart from the other games.


Free Fire Battlegrounds: The Ultimate Weapon Guide

The management of inventory is of great importance in the game of Free Fire Battlegrounds. There are a total of 18 weapons in the game. Each of these weapons has different pros and cons. Balancing your inventory with the right combination of weapons is what exactly you have to do. Using the right weapon at the right time is what you need to know. If you are able to handle your weapons correctly in the game then you will have better chances of survival. To help you out we have provided a few suggestions on how to make use of each of the weapons. For extra help, you can always make use of a Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack.

Important knowledge about the weapons

In the game, you will be provided with three weapon slots which basically mean that you will be able to equip three weapons at the same time. The weapons that you are not using will be stored in your inventory. In the game according to your need you can easily switch equipment. The three slots for weapon comprises of a primary slot, secondary slot and a slot for a sidearm. The one thing that you need to remember is that only a handgun can be placed in the sidearm that is provided. On the other hand, you can place any type of weapon on both the primary and the secondary slot. In fact, if you want you can also equip both the slots with the same type of weapon.

Your main aim is to create a balance of weapons that you can use in the different combat scenarios. It is advisable that you equip the slots with a long-range, medium-range and close-range weapon so that you can make use of them in the appropriate situations. This is considered to be the ideal set-up. However, it is not that easy to do. When you start the game you will have only one weapon in your possession. This is the reason why you are expected to look for more weapons in the game as you progress. Also, you should try to avoid combat as much as you can in the early stages of the game unless you get all the required weapons.

Details about different weapons

Here you go with the important details about weapons used in the game:

1. Handguns: There are a total of 3 handguns available in the game. All of these handguns can be found on the island.

2. Sub-machine guns: There are a total of 2 sub-machine guns available in the game. Both the sub-machine guns are more or less equal in its performance that is in terms of damage and rate of fire.

3. Assault rifles: The game provides you with 5 different types of assault rifles. These kind of weapons are ideal for long-range shooting.

4. Shotguns and heavy weapons: Shotguns are the ideal weapons to be used inside clear rooms and buildings. On the other hand, heavy weapons like the grenade launcher are ideal for clearing out rooms without going inside.

5. Sniper rifles: This is the kind of weapon that should be used only for long-range combat because they are useless inside the buildings.

The ideal weapon set-up should be something like this:

1. Primary slot: Assault rifle or sniper rifle.

2. Secondary slot: Shotgun.

3. Sidearm: Handgun.

But achieving this set-up is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of grinding in order to achieve this setup.

Thus, it can be concluded that balancing your weapons in the game of Free Fire Battlegrounds is very important because without the proper weapons the chances of your survival become less.

Guns of Boom Hack for Android and iOS Users

Playing games is perhaps the best way that people can kill there boredom. Whether traveling or relaxing at home, you can play games on your phone and pass your time easily. The fact that mobile games have risen to such popularity, more and more game developers are introducing new games in the market. But not all games are worth your time. While some games are good, the others are just average. Speaking of mobile games, Guns of Boom is one of the newest games that have been launched by Game Insight in 2017. Since its launch, the game has gained immense popularity because of its engaging game-play and storyline. The game has everything that a player would look for. It’s an ideal game for people who are willing to put their skills to test. The game makes use of resources such as gold and gunbucks which is the most important thing in the game.

Reasons to Use the Guns of Boom Tool for hack

There is a reason why these game hack tools exist. They make it easier for you to play the game and also make the game more enjoyable for you. Other than that there are other reasons too for you to use the hack tool.

You can have access to an unlimited amount of gunbucks and gold. This way you will never have to get stuck at any challenge or level in the game because of lack of resources in the game.

You can use the guns of boom hack apk whenever you want, and as many times you want to get resources for your game.

The Guns of boom tool is 1005 safe and therefore, you need not worry about your account getting banned or anything of that sort.

The hack tool is available for free so, you don’t have to spend a single penny of yours for it.

The hack tool is available online so, you don’t have to take the pain of downloading it.

So, you can see there are enough reasons for you to give the guns of Boom tool a try.

Thus, it can be concluded that if you wish to play the game of Guns of Boom with ease and without any hurdle then, you need to use the Guns of Boom tool.

Play it cool with Guns of boom cheats

Guns of Boom is a very new game which is basically made less realistic compared to Team Fortress and Overwatch. Many people have downloaded the game already, and many are yet to. The graphics setting is a blend of cartoon and military warfare with teams fighting against each other. For beginners, it might be different, and they will have a lot of questions.

The game initially might load slow as the game resources have to be downloaded. You will be asked to make a profile and link it to the google account. This will help in restoring the game on changing phones if you want to restore the progress.

On starting the game, you have access to few weapons rest you will need to unlock as you level up. You can buy weapons with as an when you need if you have enough cash from the equipment section. Upgrading the equipment is also important. The equipments have three to five upgrades which become available as the player’s level increase. Not only rifles but you can use other weapons like knife or grenade. Knife option comes when you are near an enemy, you need to just click on it. You can use a grenade to kill the enemies at little distance away but make sure not to kill yourself as you will get penalty points. There are two modes: Team Deathmatch and Control Points.

Battle achievements:

There are some points rewarded for showing players skill.

Headshots whether the opponent is killed or not killed.

Killing with other weapons other than rifles like grenade and knife.

The killing of more than two players in five seconds or less.

Consecutive killing without getting killed: chain fragging.

Killing the first frag of any battle.

People those who love playing such multiplayer online game will eventually need cheats and become master of the game. There are many sites offering Guns of boom hack ios, and the good news is there is no restriction on the cheats. Until and unless it from a safe site and you are using it carefully you need not break your head and worry.

You have access to unlimited gold and gun bucks at any time and moment.

Try and improve your skills which will double your winning chances.

You can learn from your own mistake, so a replay is a good option.

Tips to dig out Clash Royale Free Gems effortlessly

You might have played the Clash Royale many times but finds it difficult to get the Clash Royale Free Gems. Here you get to know how to get the gems and gold without making many efforts and win the battle easily.

Here are some easy tips:

When attacking troop approaches it helps you to kill and win the battle, make use of the swarm card to surround the troop and kill them very easily. This lets you steal the Clash Royale Free Gems effortlessly.

Use the Ice Golem to distract your opponent or the attacking troop and suddenly attack them without letting them know anything about it. This is one of the best way and also the successful method through which you get Clash Royale Free Gems.

Use an air attacker to kill the Pekka. This is also a great way to make fool your opponent and kill them very smoothly and easily.

While the opponent indulges in the re-adjusting dash, attack the opponent through your bandit and kill them first. Due to this, the opponent does not get any chance to encounter quickly and win over the battle. This hack trick lets you get as many Clash Royale Free Gems you wish to have.

The best way to counter the opponent and get the Clash Royale Free Gems is to place Tombstone before king tower. It is considered one of the effective ways to cheat the opponent and avails benefits by doing this.

Activate your king using the Ice Golem and amaze the opponent, as only a few of the professional players know this trick.

Use the Tornado card and redirect your troop before the tower so that you get the best chance to kill the opponent and knockdown in few clicks. This trick is one of the most important tips offered by the hack tools and cheats.

Pull your opponent before the king using the Tornado card and activate your troop so that you win the battle safely with giving any chance to the opponent to trick you and kill your whole troop at once.

Direct the Giant Skeleton target by using the Ice Golem; this will prevent your king and troop from getting any damage and hit by bombs.

Before the opponent troop attack the Graveyard Skeleton, take help from the clash of clans chest simulator and cheat tools to counter-attack them and win the battle easily.

Now you know everything to earn or acquire Clash Royale Free Gems, so do not waste your time and avail the benefits of it.

Build your own virtual city with: SimCity BuildIt

Are you bored of playing clash of clans or clash royale or just need a change of air with your mobile games then you can get started with something interesting, like being a Mayor and building your own city? Might sound funny but this game is pretty addictive in a good way and you will have to like it once you start playing.

This game is developed by EA MAXIS and published by the Electronics art launched in late 2014. It is available android and iOS devices. The graphics of the game is impressive along with the music.
How to play the game:
You install the game from the app store in the iOS or android whichever you are using.
You might need to login with your goggle account if you have one or else your Facebook profile.
You start the game being the Mayor and you have to take care if your Simcity and sims(the dwellers of simcity)
You will be provided with 50 simcash and 25000 simcity buildit free simoleons. You need that money to start building roads connecting the main highway in the game and build houses for your sims.

Soon after the houses and roads are constructed following the instruction in the game, you will need to upgrade your buildings and roads as from two to four lanes to make space for more sims to come in. As a mayor you have to make sure that your people are happy .
For a functional city you need water supply ,electricity, sewage disposal, factories on a small scale and large scales, police stations and hospitals. All these are available as you start progressing to higher levels.
In respect of getting proper facilities for the sims and so that they are not unhappy buildings can be moved from a one to another in the city where the supply is not inadequate. Ex. The water supply can sustain five houses but when six houses are placed there is lack of water supply so they will be unhappy and should be relocated.Other things to be kept in mind like building of factories and sewage should be away from residential area.If the sims are happy they send good remarks and if they are unhappy they send you rude remarks with the angry smiley. If the grievances of the sims are neglected they leave the city so you need to make sure you make everything perfect for them.

The best part of the SimCity BuildIt is that it can be played offline and gets saved when you are online. Once a while if playing online, you get the privilege of the offline. Another good thing is that you can play it with your friends; you can visit their cities and get free gifts for helping you build your city. You can also trade with your friends or sell extra factory production on the trade exchange visible to other random players, which help you earn quick money.

It’s a very different game having a very interesting aspect and might bring out the builder and engineering skills inside you.

Why You Don’t Have to Accept All Orders on Hay Day

While playing Hay Day, a lot of people think that every single order matters. While it is true that every order is going to earn you quite a bit of money, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that not all of your orders are going to be equal. Quite on the contrary, you would find that some orders are actually going to be bad for you in the long run if you think about the Hay Day hack you are going to have to use to fulfill them.

Now, this is not relevant to people that are new to the game. This is because of the fact that they are still fresh and have no regular customers that they can depend on, and they don’t have a source of income yet and so would need all the money that they can get. Hence, if you have only recently started playing the game, it would be a good idea for you to take it easy and just sell to whoever would want to buy from you regardless of the amount of work that is going into it because, after all, money is money. This Hay Day hack is mostly just for those people that are a little more experienced in the game and want to start branching out into a variety of different things that the game has to offer.

How this Hay Day Hack Can Help Experienced Players

That being said, once you have established yourself a little bit in the game, you are going to start noticing that a lot of the customers you are going to get would be getting the better of you. They would be asking for crops that would take ages to grow, and this is going to take a lot of time away from smaller products that might not be sold at as high prices but would certainly be worthy of your attention regardless because you would be able to grow them in bulk and would thus not have to worry about time at all.

Don’t be afraid to say no to customers because there will be more to come. A lot of people tend to think that this Hay Day hack would affect the way people think of you in the market but this is not true at all. People that want your products are going to be interested in buying them regardless, whether or not you are going to refuse the order that they are placing with you at that point in time. If you have something else that you need to be working on, refusing an order would be a great idea. You would get yet another order that you would have to fulfill in no time at all, and eventually the orders would start piling up yet again.

Think of it this way: in Hay Day, you are a businessman, you need to learn how to get hay day diamonds. There is no Hay Day hack that would get you your lost time back, so think about it in terms of time as well as money if you are starting to get a reputation in the game and have enough people that are willing to buy from you. Learn to take calculated risks in the game.

The investments that you make early on in the game are going to help you make the most of your Hay Day experience. A Hay Day hack can only take you so far, you need to start playing smartly if you want to be the best player out there.

Most Vital Tips Before Using the Clash Royale Cheats

Clash Royale is a game developed and designed by Supercell. As it can be downloaded from Apple App store or Google play store in free so most of the people are playing it. The good thing about playing clash Royale is that everyone can learn lots of things like strategy and use of currencies. The last thing which is important to you is the ease of playing it. Well, this is the reason that the game has a few bad reviews. You can play it but later on, you will get issues in collecting gold and gems which are really big trouble for beginners. Most of the people uninstall the game and some try tips or tricks. To be honest, tips and tricks aren’t much effective method to earn gold and gems. Clash Royale offers chests and donation of the card for earning purpose but that thing only works at Arena 10. So, what to do in this situation?

Still, there is two more method and that are; the in-app purchases and Generators. If you have enough money to spend on the game as well as you must be having a credit card for this thing then you can purchase resources to keep on playing. Most of the players of this game are kids who don’t have any banking card which they can use so Clash Royale Cheats is the only method which can help in generating countless gold and gems in free. The only work you have to do is to use it with caution. Most of the people end up using fake generators so they don’t trust on it. If you are thinking to use Clash Royale Cheats then must know some features of it to get over the mistrust feel about it.

Significant Features of Clash Royale Cheats

Have you ever wondered that some people have unlimited currencies and don’t be silly thinking that they have earned it or purchased from the game? Somehow, they have managed to get the perfect generator which helped them in winning. Clash Royale Cheats is the tool which is used by thousand of players and 99% players get resources from it. The features which help you are:

  • Anti-ban
  • Proxy For IP
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • 24*7 availability

These are some of the main features of this tool but this doesn’t end here because there is one more feature which really matters to you and that is compatibility. If the tool is not compatible with your device then what’s the benefits of having this much features to you. Well, all the devices that can support this game can easily access this tool. You can also use it PC because this tool only requires a little information and internet connection. If you are not satisfied with these features or if you want to know in deep about the feature of clash royale cheats then you can visit the official website of it. Here, you will be given precaution as well as instruction so must read all before getting started.  You will be divagated if you try every tool which you get in Google search and due to this your account will be banned from playing this game anymore.

Some Tips Regarding Clash Royale

Perhaps most of the people don’t know the basics of this game that’s why they end up soon. The thing is you have to build the deck which is important because you have to fight here. The most powerful deck always has powerful cards like common, epic and rare. Cards can be earned through winning battles as well as opening chests. Cards require upgrade and if you are not upgrading it then you will be unable to fight against the enemy. The other method of getting the card is using gems to purchase it. Gems are premium currency and rarely some people use this method. If you have unlimited resources then must by every card you need for building the good deck. You can upgrade your cards through coins and this will take you to a different level. When you donate cards then you also earn coins but XP (experience points) also increases. This is the all you have to in order to win with ease.

Now you know the method of playing but the thing left is to decide the strategy in battle. Every card has different abilities so try each and every card in private battle with your friends. Learning the abilities of the card will take time but don’t give up thinking that you can’t win.

Review of The Sims 2: Free Time: Reticulating Splines in the Zone

For all those Sims fans out there EA/Maxis released the newest expansion pack, Free Time. This is one of the few games that I have been waiting patiently for. The others on that list are Spore and Lego Indiana Jones. I always get excited when there is the prospect that my Sims can do something new. This time around, they get hobbies complete with hobby magazines and they can share those interests with other Sims.
Hobbies include such things as ballet, playing the violin, pottery, sewing, football and basketball, jogging, stargazing (this will make for a very interesting game for those with the alien abduction hack in their game), bird watching and bug collecting, video games (the Sims can now play MySims), reading, watching movies, model trains (much to my husbands excitement who doesn’t even play the game) and restoring cars. To make the hobbies even more interesting, after a Sim reaches a certain enthusiasm level for a hobby they will be invited to join a hobby group and visit hidden lots.

There are five new careers; Entertainer, Dancer, Architect, Intelligence (yes, the Sims now have their own CIA) and Oceanographer.

Sims can now also have secondary aspirations, making them more well rounded. In fact, there are two new aspirations. The first is career, which facilitates their career growth. The second is grilled cheese. Yes, you read that right, grilled cheese. Anyone familiar with the Sims know that the game designers are slightly twisted. I am pretty sure it comes from reticulating too many splines (this time around splines are being reticulated in the zone). It is only from that twisted genius can you get an aspiration of grilled cheese where the ultimate goal in life is to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Hey, not everyone has lofty goals, not even in video game worlds.

Sim parents can now study parenting in an effort to make themselves better parents. This allows the parents to know what motive is the lowest in their infant. No more guess work in taking care of Sim babies. Too bad we can’t use that on the nanny. There is one NPC that needs all the help she can get.

Speaking of NPCs, during age transitions you can take three of them with you. NPC’s can now age without having to move them in to a household. The newest NPC is a gypsy who brings with her a genie lamp, allowing your Sim three wishes. Of course, you have to really work for this one and I can not wait to see that one in action. Remember how things occasionally went bad in the original Sims with the genie?

Wonder what is in store for us this time?

One huge game improvement that was made this time around is the ability to move between neighborhoods a lot easier with an advanced neighborhood option. You can now go from beach resort to checking into college without returning home first. Another game improvement is a cheat that allows you to change your terrain quickly and easily. That cheat is actually listed in the booklet that comes with the game. Since there hasn’t been a Prima Guide released it’s nice that it was given to us up front. Something else that I am looking forward to playing with is placing my own MP3s into the game. Yes, I know this option was possible before, but a slight programming change was done to make it possible to create custom radio stations. Just think, Sims can now flip from the all polka station to the all death metal station, or the all podcast station. Sim radio at its best.

Anyone who loves the Sims will be happy with this expansion pack. It’s one of the better ideas that Maxis/EA has come up with for the game, in my opinion. There is a reason why there is a plum bob on front of the packaging saying “Celebrating 100 Million Sold.” The Sims are just that fun.

8 Ball Pool’s Players Facebook Profile

8 ball pools are an awesome billiard simulator game that attracts people of all ages. It is one of the most addictive as well as free multiplayer games on the internet. Now, the full version of 8 ball pools game is available, so you can easily download it on your mobile or PC. This billiard simulator game can be played either against the human opponents or a computer on the same system. The rules of this game are very easy and understandable for beginners, which greatly help them to place a ball and also direct them to make practicing. The amazing features of 8 ball pool games are including save and load game feature, direction help, help ball, difficult levels from easy to expert and game rules hint and so on.

Initially, 8 ball pools were developed by the Miniclip. It is snooker or pool based game, which is ultimately addictive and fun to play. When you start playing this game, it does not matter how talent you are. Once you decide to play, you have to be well prepared for some basic humiliation and get to use the game controls. If you wish to enjoy this game and just a take part in the tournaments, you just sign in with your Face book account and try to match with another player for enjoying the game play. However, it takes a matter of time to start playing the game and get control of spinning a cue ball without even any problems. Once you can earn more number of coins by winning this game, you are able to buy a plenty of coins without spending your real life money.

Steps to find 8 ball pools in player’s Face book profile

If you are ready to play 8 ball pool games online with player’s Face book profile, you just follow the steps given below:

  • Initially, you have to open up the player’s Face book profile and see a unique ID then note it down.
  • Now, go to Miniclip and then enter your unique ID in a search box or you can type the URL http://8ballpool4cash.com in an address bar
  • Open up the 8 ball pools game profile of player and right click on a picture to open up the profile picture in a new tab
  • You will see a unique Face book picture ID available in the link that should be highlighted in a picture below. You just copy that picture ID
  • Now, you type the specific URL in the address bar and press Enter that will be directed to the player’s Face book profile.
  • Finally, you have done the entire process.

Download latest version of 8 ball pool games for android

To begin your play, you just download the latest version of 8 ball pool game from in app purchase on play store and install it on your system. You just start playing this 8 pool games and enjoy with your favorite friends and legends on your mobile and become the most out of the player.